4 Best Coil Tattoo Machines for Masterful Ink Artistry

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Discover unparalleled artistry with the best coil tattoo machines. These masterful tools unite tradition and innovation, empowering artists to create tattoos of unmatched precision and depth. From single coil classics to cutting-edge wireless models, explore the pinnacle of tattoo craftsmanship and unlock new realms of creative expression.

Best Coil Tattoo Machines review 2023

Editor Choice

Solong Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit 4 Pro Machine Guns

  • Ink Quality and Color Range
  • Power Supply and Control
  • Comprehensive Starter Kit
  • Build Quality and Durability
  • Learning Resources (Online-Guide, Videos)

As a passionate tattoo artist, I recently had the opportunity to try out the Solong Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit (Model TK453-US), and I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed. This comprehensive kit is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced tattoo artists, offering a range of features that ensure a seamless tattooing experience.

Quality and Durability (9/10):

The kit comes with 4 Pro tattoo machine guns, each equipped with 10 wrap coils for precise and vibrant tattoo work. These machines run smoothly, providing the necessary power to create both intricate linework and shading. The 54 bottles of full-color practice tattoo ink included are sterilized by gamma ray, ensuring their reliability and safety for use. The LCD digital tattoo power supply is sturdy and easy to operate, offering consistent power output. The overall build quality of the machines and accessories is commendable, making it a lasting investment.

Comfort and Ease of Use (8/10):

Solong’s tattoo kit is designed with the user’s comfort in mind. The machine grips fit comfortably in the hand, allowing for prolonged tattooing sessions without strain. The foot pedal and clips cord provides convenient control over the tattoo process, enhancing the overall workflow. The kit’s 5ml ink bottles offer ample supply for practice and artwork creation, reducing the need for frequent refills. Beginners will find the included Online-Guide and free tattoo teaching videos extremely helpful in setting up the kit and learning the techniques.

  • A diverse range of 54 sterilized practice tattoo ink colours
  • 4 Pro tattoo machine guns for both liner and shader work
  • LCD digital tattoo power supply with foot pedal and clips cord
  • Comprehensive starter kit including all necessary supplies
  • Professional Online-Guide and tattoo teaching videos for setup and technique learning
  • Limited ink quantity per bottle (5ml)
  • Some artists may prefer more specialized tattoo machine options

Top Features (Rating out of 10):

Tattoo Machine Performance (Liner & Shader)9
Ink Quality and Color Range8.5
Power Supply and Control8.5
Comprehensive Starter Kit9.5
Learning Resources (Online-Guide, Videos)9
Comfort and Ergonomics8
Build Quality and Durability9

My final words:
In my experience, the Solong Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit (Model TK453-US) stands as an impressive and reliable choice for tattoo artists at all levels. The combination of quality tattoo machines, a diverse range of inks, and comprehensive accessories makes it an excellent investment. Whether you’re a beginner seeking to learn the art of tattooing or an experienced artist looking for a versatile kit, Solong’s offering is sure to meet your needs. The included resources further enhance its value, providing guidance and support throughout your tattooing journey. I highly recommend this kit for anyone serious about tattoo artistry.

Editor Choice

Dragonhawk 2pcs Brass Coils Tattoo Machine Straight Shader Circle Liner

  • Billet Brass Frame Quality
  • Shader Coil Performance
  • Liner Coil Performance
  • Voltage Range
  • Money-Back Guarantee

As a dedicated tattoo artist, I’ve had the privilege of using the Dragonhawk 2pcs Brass Coils Tattoo Machine Set for both straight shading and circle lining. I must say, these machines have truly impressed me with their quality, durability, and performance. Let me share my personal experience and insights with you.

Quality and Durability (9/10):

The CNC cut billet brass frame of these tattoo machines not only adds to their aesthetic appeal but also ensures exceptional durability. The solid construction instils confidence, making these machines reliable for consistent and precise tattoo work. The brass coils are meticulously crafted, contributing to their overall robustness and longevity.

Performance and Ease of Use (9.5/10):

The set includes two machines, each designed for a specific purpose: one for straight shading and another for circle lining. The shader boasts 10 wrap coils, while the liner features 8 wrap coils. This distinction in coil count optimizes the performance of each machine for its intended purpose. The shader runs at a frequency of 115-120 Hz with 7-8V, producing smooth and even shading, while the liner operates at 140-150 Hz with 7-8V, ensuring clean and precise lines. These machines are relatively easy to set up and use, making them suitable for both experienced artists and those still honing their craft.

Comfort and Ergonomics (8.5/10):

The ergonomic design of the Dragonhawk tattoo machines allows for comfortable handling and extended tattooing sessions. The machines are well-balanced, reducing strain on the wrist and hand. The standard tube vice ensures a secure grip on the tubes, enhancing control and precision during the tattooing process.

Top Features (Rating out of 10):

Billet Brass Frame Quality9.5
Shader Coil Performance9
Liner Coil Performance9
Versatility (Shading and Lining)9.5
Ergonomic Design8.5
Voltage Range9
Money-Back Guarantee9
  • High-quality CNC cut billet brass frame
  • Distinct machines for shading and lining
  • Precise and consistent coil performance
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable handling
  • Versatile voltage range (7-8V)
  • Risk-free trial with money-back guarantee
  • Limited coil wrap options (10 wraps for shader, 8 wraps for liner)
  • Some artists may prefer machines with adjustable voltage options

My final words:

The Dragonhawk 2pcs Brass Coils Tattoo Machine Set has proven to be an excellent addition to my tattooing arsenal. With their top-notch quality, dependable performance, and comfortable handling, these machines have enhanced my tattooing precision and efficiency. The distinct machines for shading and lining cater to different artistic needs, allowing for versatile and captivating designs. The voltage range provides flexibility, while the money-back guarantee demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. While some artists may have specific coil wrap preferences, these machines are undeniably a reliable choice for achieving stunning tattoo results. I wholeheartedly recommend the Dragonhawk Brass Coils Tattoo Machine Set to fellow tattoo enthusiasts looking for quality tools to elevate their craft.

Editor Choice

Grinder Tattoo Kit by Pirate Face Tattoo

  • Tattoo Machine Gun Quality
  • Tattoo Instructional Book & DVD Combo
  • Radiant Colors Tattoo Ink
  • User-friendly LCD Power Supply
  • Versatility

As an experienced tattoo artist who values quality and reliability, I can confidently say that the Grinder Tattoo Kit by Pirate Face Tattoo is a remarkable choice for both beginners and professionals alike. This comprehensive kit is packed with essential features and accessories that contribute to an exceptional tattooing experience.

Quality and Durability (9/10):

The Grinder Tattoo Kit boasts impressive quality, evident from the moment you unbox it. The four tattoo machine guns included are designed with precision, featuring 10 coil setups that ensure consistent and powerful performance. The machines feel solid and well-constructed in hand, reflecting their durability. Additionally, the kit includes a 6-month warranty on both the power supply and tattoo machines, which further attests to the manufacturer’s confidence in their durability.

Ease of Use and Versatility (9/10):

Whether you’re a beginner, apprentice, or seasoned professional, this kit has you covered. The inclusion of a 240-page Tattoo Instructional Book & DVD Combo is a standout feature that provides valuable guidance for those looking to learn or refine their tattooing skills. The kit’s 7 bottles of Radiant Colors Tattoo Ink, all made in the USA, offer a vibrant and reliable ink source for your creations. The LCD power supply is user-friendly, allowing for easy adjustments to voltage and ensuring consistent performance.

Comfort and Convenience (8.5/10):

The Grinder Tattoo Kit comes complete with everything you need to get started, from needles and ink cups to gloves and grips. The carrying case ensures convenient storage and transportation of all your tattooing essentials. The ergonomic design of the tattoo machine guns, along with the included accessories, contributes to a comfortable tattooing experience.

Top Features (Rating out of 10):

Tattoo Machine Gun Quality9.5
Tattoo Instructional Book & DVD Combo9
Radiant Colors Tattoo Ink9
Comprehensive Supplies8.5
User-friendly LCD Power Supply9
Warranty Coverage8.5
  • Comprehensive kit suitable for beginners, apprentices, and professionals
  • High-quality tattoo machine guns with 10 coil setups for consistent performance
  • In-depth Tattoo Instructional Book & DVD Combo for learning and reference
  • Vibrant and reliable Radiant Colors Tattoo Ink made in the USA
  • User-friendly LCD power supply for easy voltage adjustments
  • Six-month warranty on power supply and tattoo machines
  • Limited coil configuration options (10 coil setups)
  • Unstable power supply

My Suggestion:

The Grinder Tattoo Kit by Pirate Face Tattoo undoubtedly offers a compelling package for aspiring and seasoned tattoo artists. The inclusion of a comprehensive instructional resource, vibrant tattoo ink, and high-quality machine guns showcases the manufacturer’s commitment to providing a complete solution. The six-month warranty on the power supply and tattoo machines adds a layer of confidence in the product’s durability. For those seeking a well-rounded tattoo kit that offers everything needed to get started and learn the craft, the Grinder Tattoo Kit is certainly worth considering. Its user-friendly nature, versatile applications, and dependable components make it a valuable investment for anyone passionate about tattoo artistry.

Editor Choice

Mast Tattoo Machine Traditional Handmade Coil Machine (Liner+Shader)

  • Comfort and Control
  • Craft Impact Dampener
  • Versatility
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Coil Performance

As an experienced tattoo artist with a penchant for quality equipment, I recently had the opportunity to work with the Mast Tattoo Machine Traditional Handmade Coil Machine, and I must admit, I’m thoroughly impressed. This machine’s traditional design and exceptional performance have certainly left a positive impression on me. Let me delve into the details of my experience and provide you with a comprehensive review.

Quality and Durability (9.5/10):

The Mast Tattoo Machine exudes quality craftsmanship from every angle. The solid brass binding post and contact screw not only contribute to its aesthetic appeal but also guarantee robust construction. The iron frame construction further reinforces its durability, making it a reliable tool for consistent and long-lasting performance. The 10-wrap black coils, combined with a 47uf capacitor, offer a powerful hit that ensures smooth lining and shading. This machine’s build quality gives it the feel of a truly handmade and artisanal piece.

Performance and Comfort (9/10):

This versatile machine is an excellent all-around liner, and its capabilities in smooth lining are truly commendable. The medium running speed, long throw, and hard hit create an ideal balance for achieving precise and clean lines. The standard tube vise ensures a secure grip during tattooing sessions, promoting both comfort and control. The Craft Impact Dampener adds an extra layer of sophistication, producing a quieter and smoother running machine that further enhances the overall experience.

Top Features (Rating out of 10):

Build Quality9.5
Coil Performance (Liner)9
Coil Performance (Shader)9
Comfort and Control9
Craft Impact Dampener9
Money-Back Guarantee9
  • Traditional handmade coil machine design
  • Solid brass binding post and contact screw
  • Versatile for both lining and shading
  • Powerful 10-wrap black coils with a 47uf capacitor
  • Craft Impact Dampener for quieter operation
  • Medium running speed with a long throw and hard hit
  • Risk-free trial with money-back guarantee
  • Limited coil wrap options (10 wraps)
  • Quite difficult to adjust the speed

My Suggestion:

The Mast Tattoo Machine Traditional Handmade Coil Machine is undoubtedly a worthy addition to any tattoo artist’s toolkit. Its blend of traditional craftsmanship, exceptional performance, and comfort make it a versatile tool for both beginners and experienced artists. The money-back guarantee reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in the product, offering peace of mind to potential buyers. If you’re seeking a well-crafted, durable, and capable machine that excels in both lining and shading, this Mast Tattoo Machine is definitely worth considering. Its unique features, quality build, and promise of stunning results make it a valuable investment in your tattooing journey.

Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Coil Tattoo Machine

Types of Coil Tattoo Machines:

There are different types of coil tattoo machines available, including single coil tattoo machines and wireless coil tattoo machines. Each type has its unique features and benefits. Single-coil tattoo machines are known for their simplicity and reliability, while wireless coil tattoo machines offer enhanced mobility and convenience. Depending on your preferences and tattooing style, you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Tattoo Machine Kit Components:

When selecting a coil tattoo machine kit, ensure it includes all the essential components you need. A comprehensive kit should typically include:

  • Coil tattoo machine(s)
  • Grips and tubes
  • Needles
  • Ink cups and holders
  • Power supply
  • Foot pedal and clip cord
  • Additional accessories (rubber bands, O-rings, etc.)

Quality and Construction:

Opt for coil tattoo machines made from high-quality materials and durable construction. The frame should be sturdy and well-crafted to ensure longevity and optimal performance during tattoo sessions. Stainless steel and aluminium frames are commonly used due to their durability and lightweight nature.

Coil Configuration:

The coil configuration of a tattoo machine affects its performance and power output. Different coil setups offer varying speeds and impacts. Research and understand the coil configurations available, such as 8-wrap or 10-wrap coils, to select the one that aligns with your tattooing style and desired outcome.

Voltage and Power:

Consider the voltage range that the coil tattoo machine operates within. Make sure the machine is compatible with your power supply and voltage preferences. A versatile machine that can handle a range of voltages allows for flexibility in various tattooing scenarios.

Tuning and Adjustability:

An ideal coil tattoo machine should offer tunability and adjustability. Look for machines with adjustable settings for needle depth, give, and stroke length. These features enable you to customize the machine according to your specific tattooing techniques and client preferences.

Brand Reputation and Reviews:

Research reputable tattoo machine brands are known for producing high-quality coil tattoo machines. Read reviews and testimonials from other tattoo artists to gain insights into the performance, reliability, and overall satisfaction with the machines they’ve used.

Price and Budget:

Coil tattoo machine kits can vary in price, from affordable options to premium models. Set a budget that aligns with your needs and preferences, ensuring you’re getting a machine that offers the best value for your investment.

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Selecting the best coil tattoo machines is a crucial step in your tattooing journey. Consider factors such as machine type, kit components, quality, coil configuration, voltage, adjustability, brand reputation, and budget before making your purchase. By carefully evaluating these aspects, you’ll be equipped to choose a coil tattoo machine or kit that enhances your artistic capabilities and delivers outstanding tattoo results.

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